UKPSA 2017 Mini-Rifle Round 1

So today we were blessed with some blue sky and glorious sunshine. Couldn’t have been a better day to start our 2017 competition journey in the UKPSA 2017 Postal League Mini Rifle Open.

If you’re not familiar with the UKPSA Postal League, it basically allows individuals and clubs across the country to compete in a series of 16 stages, in their chosen division, and test their skills against other like minded shooters in the country.

Similar to competition rules, you can only shoot each stage once, with no practice allowed. This also means you can only enter yourself in one chosen discipline, as of course, to shoot in a second means you’ve already had a practise run in your first shoot.

Team Red Flag will be shooting in Mini-Rifle Open, the same as we shot last year, and placed a respectable 4th as a team.

We will run the courses with different firearms over the course of the year, but these won’t be officially entered into the competition.

We will also be shooting the Birdshot and Slug competitions, as these courses of fire differ to the long barrelled firearms.

So below, you can see myself, Senior and Raptor shooting the first round of the UKPSA 2017 Postal League Mini Rifle Open, consisting of 4 stages. All in all, we were very pleased with the results, no major mistakes, no misses, and kept the C’s to a minimum. As always, there’s room for improvement, but that’s what keeps you hungry.

Enjoy the video, don’t forget to visit out sponsors and be sure to visit YouTube, like the video and subscribe to our channel, so you can keep up to date with further stages as we shoot them.

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