First Practical Shotgun course of the year!

Great opportunity for Team Red Flag to launch our range of PSG Steel Targets also – so watch the video to see their first outing.

Built to IPSC/UKPSA competition design – these hard-wearing targets are perfect for both club and competition environments alike.

Particularly, look on the video at the ‘raised units’ we offer. If you have a grass range, these reduce on the ‘scuffing’ of the grass.

Red Flag PSG Steel Targets are now available to purchase via our website, e-bay and from Field and Falcon and Practical Shooting Supplies.

So, back to the UKPSA PSG Stage 1

Looking at the courses of fire – again looks quite simple, but read the details.

4 stages, building in complexity – right hand movement, left hand movement, even a little shimmy backwards… this should be interesting.

Obviously, UKPSA wrote down the wrong start position – I mean, who would do that?

Paperwork states ‘starting empty, gun in two hands on the hip?… so every stage is starting dry…

Surely this can’t be right?

Hmmmm, yep – it’s right.

Stage 1

Stage 1 = 10m, array of four targets, just to warm us all up – starting empty.

So lets think… breach open or closed?

Easier to strip in duels or quads, so breach closed… but must remember to strip back the bolt!

Been practicing my quad loads for weeks, and going well, but it seems I can only perform this in the bedroom, for as soon as I get ‘downrange’ fingers turn to sausages.

Duel loads are safer, but slower – think…

Also, just stick in 4, or a cheeky extra 2?

This is gonna be a fast round – if I muck this up another reload form an empty breech will kill it.

There is a distinct possibility I may be overthinking this. Calm down.

‘Shooter ready, Standby’ BEEP

Duel load, two strip of 2, weak hand load, strip back bolt, up to firing position – keep both eyes open…’BREATH’… 1, 2, 3, 4 – got ‘em!

Stage 2 & 3

10m, 2 arrays of 4 – with 5m between each shooting box.

Stage 2 is Left to Right, stage 3 Right to Left – so got to be on the ‘right leg’ for loading.

Do I stick in 9 from first signal, or just the 4, then stick the other 4 in whilst transitioning?

Lost my bottle in the end and stuck a full 9 from the beep, and sprinted like an arthritic gazelle between boxes.

Stage 4

Varying distances, total 12 targets, and introduction of a third shooting box.

Start in forward box, empty again.

Four steels to hit, then transition backwards, at an angle to other box – pop those off, then a load and sprint to final box to pop them off.

So, lets think about it.

12 rounds, so we have to reload. Starting ‘forward’, and have to move back.

So – load up 9 weak hand on the beep – pop off first four, transition back left whilst reloading 2 x duel loads strong hand. Shoot 4 steels, transition to last box – stick in a cheeky two on the way – pop them off and done.

As usual UKPSA have made this challenging, but suitable for all clubs, as this stays 0/90 at all times – it’s all very clever and a lot of thought obviously goes into this.

If you are an outdoor club looking to venture into PSG, with 0/90 restrictions, this is a great introduction to the discipline.

Check out the UKPSA POSTAL LEAGUE website, run off the courses of fire and IPSC rules.

Buy your safety officer a cup of tea, and better still invite him to attend – it’s great fun and a new challenge.

Following months of testing, approval from our own safety officer, and their first ‘competitive outing’ in a UKPSA approved competition, I am delighted to confirm that the Red Flag PSG STEEL TARGETS were excellent, and we even made a sale on the day.

Please check out the range of targets available, and place your orders.