Shooter Ready… Shooter is Ready… Standby… BEEP

Sweep left, through the tyres, two plates… oh, avoid the N/S (No Shoot)

Step forward, switch legs, swing right, through the tyres, two plates…

SAFETY ON – 10m sprint, running like a greased Greek God… hard as nails…

Move left… Two plate – take them on the run – yes! Watch your muzzle direction… SAFETY ON!

Left handed barricade – weak hand, s t r e t c h around – pop off that plate.

SAFETY ON – 25m sprint across the range… (damn, how am I for ammo?), slow down and breath… strip in a quad load – dammit – dropped one – move on, stick another two in. Take those plates out to the left – got’em!

Right handed barricade – s t r e t c h around – pop – got you… load in another 4 rounds… Wow it’s getting hot now… adrenalin wearing off… sweating and panting… but I am ACEING this round!

Is that my team mates looking on in A W E ??

They are obviously too intimidated by my performance to speak as I sprint like a heavily armed gazelle towards the final stage of triumph???

SAFETY ON, run last 15m, onto pedestal (wow that’s small)… three targets bang – bang – dammit, wobbled off the pedestal – back up – last shot – got you.

Show clear… and now the most important part…

Must walk back to the line looking calm, fresh and radiant, gentle nod of the head to the team, perhaps a cheeky wink that just says I IZ DA MAN… not floundering around like a panting spaniel looking for its water bowl… oops too late.

Wait a few days for Raptor to post video. I just know I am gonna look epic. I hope he has put on some thrash metal music to match my dynamic moves, or the theme to Baywatch.

Video is up –


I mean at one point I actually have my hand on my hip… ON MY HIP!!!

Can I go any slower?…

Has Raptor messed around with the edit – he must have!

Can’t be – the RO isn’t running, and he’s behind me!

Perhaps he just has longer legs? Or it’s the angle? Yeah, must be.

How did my gut cross the finish line ½ second before the rest of me?

And no – it was not awe at all from my team mates… it was a slight snigger picked up on the video, and not a little embarrassment.

Thanks for not ‘ripping me up’ on the day.

But I just know you’ll do it after watching the vid… BASTA**S!!!