Evil… Evil… Evil…

This is a group of midlle’sh 40’sh… nearly 50’sh fat blokes… but no… FMA designed this and turns it into a damn Iron Man competition.

Start with no gun – you have to run to get your gun – yeah, I know… Run!

Beep – 20 m sprint to empty M4 .22 (editor’s note: I’m sure Ed exaggerates these distances!)

Stage 1

SAFETY IS ON – Slap in a mag, strip back the charging handle, down on the floor, on your side, rifle through the tyre… 10 rounds to hit 9 falling plates…

Expend ammo.


Stage 2

Mag change, 10 shots standing @ 20 m.

Stage 3

SAFETY ON, run forward to 15m, drop to knee behind tyre, mag change, 10 rounds.

SAFETY ON run forward…

SHOW CLEAR, drop gun.

Run… yeah I know!.. run… to next stage.

Stage 4

Load LBP shoot 10 rounds @ 5m fast as you can, drop mag show clear, dump pistol.

Grab empty S1 SG… Run… for crying out loud… to next stage 20m away… (editor’s note: Again, was it really 20m??)

Load from belt…

Stage 5

Shoot 2 first clays.

SAFETY ON – move left, take out two plates, turn right another three plates…

KEEP MOVING… dammit how many rounds do I have left?

Ram another 4 in… SAFTEY ON… yep – you guessed it… RUN to last stage…

Stage 6

Drop to knees, roll onto side – SG poking out under a railway sleeper (simulate shooting from beneath a car according to FMA!)… shoot last three steels.

EndEx… pass out…

FMA will not be allowed to design any more comps.

Funny thing, the rest of us ‘Redflaggers’ were not that much slower than super fit FMA.
When you consider that unlike FMA we are built more for comfort than speed…he was not happy.

Editors note: Clearly 5-10m sprints weren’t enough to give me an advantage – maybe we should start the course of fire from outside the range, say 1/2 mile or so?