It’s fair to say, unless you’ve been living under a rock, anyone within a 5 mile radius of the Club or our home’s know we won a few medals in the UKPSA 2016/17 Postal League. Indeed, Breacher didn’t take his medal off all day yesterday, and the highlight of the day’s shooting was watching this 6ft Goliath running from shooting point to shooting point clutching his medal to stop it bouncing off over his head!

Yes, we’ve made a song and dance about it – but you know what, it’s fun, challenging and as we keep emphasising, a great way to get yourself and your club involved in Practical Shooting Competition.

They say a little bit of competition can be healthy. Not only does it let you see where you stand in terms of your skills against others around the country, all the elements of the different stages all form part of what you will experience in larger competitions if you wish to push yourself further. They also mean you can look back and see how far you’ve come as time goes by, and it gives you elements of Practical Shooting that you can take away and practise.

Now, no one could say Senior or myself are sore losers – but it would be fair to say we don’t speak to the wive’s for several days if the other beats them in a comp.

But it’s nothing more than the fact we both want to be good at what we do. It means we get ourselves down the Club, spend 2hrs shooting the same element over and over again till we get it better than it was before… and what a difference it makes.

Over Winter, Team Red Flag won a clutch of medals competing in UKPSA 2016/2017 Winter League. We managed to secure medals in every discipline we entered. Team Gold for Practical Pistol (Standard), Bronze for Practical Rifle (Open) and also Bronze for Practical Shotgun (Standard).

Senior and myself were recognised individually, securing Bronze and Silver position respectively for Practical Pistol, which has spurred us on to really take our pistol shooting more seriously.

As always, we’d like to express our gratitude and thanks to NMP&RC, and particularly the committee for the support in our growing activities in developing practical shooting at the Club.

As a token of our gratitude we met with Don Hall, the Club’s Safety Officer and long time competitive shooter, and donated our team gold medal for Practical Pistol to the Club, in the sure and certain knowledge of many years of continued shooting and competing at North Mercia facilities.

Presenting Don Hall with UKPSA medal

If you fancy trying your hand at the UKPSA Postal Competitions, get on over to the UKPSA website. If shooting Practical Pistol takes your fancy, check out the May edition of Shooting Sports Magazine, where we have also have a series of articles over the coming months running on Practical Shooting.