Team Red Flag highlighted by best selling UK Shooting Sports Magazine

We are delighted that Shooting Sports magazine ran a piece highlighting the activities of Team RedFlag. You can see us in the April 2017 edition extoling the virtues of Practical Shooting, and particularly highlighting the UKPSA 100 2016 Winter League Practical Shooting competitions we entered.

Since this piece went to print we successfully won the UKPSA 100 Winter League for Practical Pistol, and also achieved a Bronze position for PSG and Open Mini Rifle.

Our kind thanks to Pete Moore, editor of Shooting Sports magazine for including this piece.

Also thanks to Alan Wragg at UKPSA who quoted about the piece “Well done Eddie – keep it up!”.

Also, our kind thanks to our sponsors including Field and Falcon, who commented about the piece “…this is great – you’re doing what you love and really promoting the sport…

Finally, a particular ‘shout out’ to North Mercia Pistol and Rifle Club – without their support these achievements would not be possible.

Shooting Sports Magazine April 2017 Shooting Sports Magazine April 2017