So who do Team Red Flag go to when they have gun problems, or need a little Race Tuning? Master Class Custom Guns…

If Raptor can’t fettle it, weld it, bond it or Dremmel it, then we seek the help of the gunsmith.

William, from Field and Falcon is our local Gunsmith, and has stepped in on several occasions to fix broken hammer springs, sticking safety catches, or just give one of Senior’s guns a thorough clean.

But when it comes to slicking up that firearm to get it performing way and above what it could do out of the box, then Andy Haines of Master Class Custom Guns is THE man to see.

I first spoke with Andy about 2yrs ago, when I was looking to purchase my first semi-auto shotgun. I’d attended the UKPSA Safety Course, submitted my license to have a Sec 1 semi auto added, and was doing my research on which shotgun to go with.

I was torn between a Stoeger, Mossberg JM Pro, Beretta 1301… and would have loved a Benelli M2. Being a leftie played a part, gas or inertia, reliability, wanting to keep the spending sensible came into consideration – so the Benelli had to be set aside for now.

I liked the Mossberg because of the ambi safety catch on the top of the stock. I been lurking about on forums, and Andy’s name kept cropping up as the man to speak to when it came to shotgun modifications.

I bit the bullet, gave Andy a call to ask his advice, and I’ve never looked back. He built me a Mossberg JM Pro 930, with opened up loading port, welded up loading gate, slicked and polished and ready for me to run.

It’s fair to say, as a beginner, it was a gun way to capable for me then – but this weekend just gone, Raptor received his new Mossberg JM Pro 930 – and shot it straight out of the box.

What a difference, Raptor struggled quad loading, the action was stiffer, caught his thumb numerous times in the gate. Needless to say, it’s gone off to Andy this week for him to perform his magic.

In fact, not only does Senior shoot a fully Race Tuned JM Pro from Andy, Breacher has also sent his Beretta 1301 off to Master Class Custom Guns for some work, and feeling left out, I sent mine as well for Andy to add an extended bolt release.

The only downside to all this – Andy emailed me last night with a picture of the work he’s now doing with the GSG 1911 .22 LBP’s… Carbon fibre barrels, race tuned triggers, cerakoted finishes, fettled ‘coat hangers’… The photo below made me drool… I won’t lie. Seems I need to start saving now to get my pistol off to Master Class Custom Guns!!

Master Class Custom Guns - Andy Haines GSG 1911

Andy offers a range of services and accessories at Master Class Custom Guns, specialising in Action Shooting Sports. Supplying out of the box firearms, or fully raced tuned versions, he stocks LBP’s such as the Grand Power K22 and GSG 1911, mini rifles with the S&W MP15/22 and Rugers, and a wide selection of shotguns suitable for PSG, such as the Stoeger M3000 and Mossberg JM Pro.

Examples of Andy’s work for shotguns:

Weld up Shotgun Loading Gate Lifter …. £35

Loading Port Bevelling …. £70

Shotgun Trigger work …. From £40

Shotgun Magazine Shell Stop Modification …. £30

Big Bolt Release Button (inc. part, Drill, Tap Etc.) …. £45

SOS Shell Holder Supply & Fitting (Similar to Match Saver) …. £30

Fitting and Tuning of Magazine Tube, Clamps & Springs …. £20 (Free if parts are purchased through Master Class)

If you’re already shooting Practical Pistol, Rifle of Shotgun and what to get an edge, give him a call. If you’re new to the sport and need help and advice, drop him a line. There’s nothing Andy doesn’t know about when it comes to Action Shooting.

Andy can be contacted on: 07939 238240
or via email:
You can also follow his work on Facebook
and visit the Website.