Yes, we got the band back together, and went back to see our great friends Dave and Craig at Czech Tactical Pursuits this year.

Thanks to the excellent organisation skills of a certain airline, which for legal reasons I can’t mention by name, (let’s just call them Brian Air), not all of us could make the trip as the flight was cancelled, and moved to another day.

As an unfortunate result Raptor couldn’t come with us and so in a state of fury, he instead packed up his ‘end of days’ Landy and buggered off to Spain to go Green Laning. Yes, it sounds dodgy to me to, but I don’t think he missed us.

The remaining three of us managed to unpick all of our plans and finally find a solution with the Brian Air to get over to Czech. In the end we were there a full day early with nothing to do. Dave and Craig were fantastic, still picked us up from the airport, even though we were 24 hours early.

Craig had the brand new Nissan Patrol waiting for us, and Dave had some shitty little VW – so we all piled in with Craig and left Dave to it! Back to the restaurant – Kofolas all round.

The question was asked – what we gonna do tomorrow? We have a free day. Now I had done some research, and in the village of wherethehelamiski, where we were staying, there is a park, a paper museum, a spa, a castle and a dog.

I mean….there is no Starbucks, I WILL SAY THAT AGAIN – THERE IS NO STARBUCKS!

Then Dave looked up from his pizza and asked ‘you lads fancy another days shooting?’

We tried to fight it, honest guv, but the pull was just too hard.

So we went a day early, and got an extra days shooting in – what’s not to love.

We completed the recertification for safety drills – good to see we hadn’t let our drills slip.

Then we started over the next three days on developing skills to enable us to upgrade in pistol and carbine for Advanced Qualifications. I’ll get it out there now – yes we passed – of course we passed.

This is where we all made our usual immediate rush to ‘grab a Glock’ where we each try to look relaxed and easy whilst secretly whispering – ‘my precious’. Then a strange thing happened. The clouds parted briefly, a beam of light shone down upon a beautiful object on the range table, and I swear I heard soft music in the distance…..and then I beheld it – the new CZ P10C.

Smaller than Glock 17, bigger than a 19. Striker fire, so the safety is great, but the trigger….the trigger, OMG. Now Glocks are great, and we should all have one, but the CZ – The trigger pull is smooth and not mushy, and the reset is crisp and positive. Anyone who knows the Glock knows what I’m talking about. I’m going to say it…..I prefer the CZ – I feel so guilty now.

So, we had three Glocks on the line, and one CZ P10C – so as team mates, friends, almost brothers…..what do we do – well I chose sulking and a big tantrum, but that didn’t work, so we simply shared it and glared at the smile of the guy who had it next.

Moving onto Carbines, FMA and Breacher took the AR platforms, one in 9mm one in 5.56- great little shorty guns. I went ‘old school’ in honour and respect of…..– no, that’s nonsense – the truth – they just beat me to the AR’s – I was distracted by a doughnut….So I had a Pakistan licenced build MP5 with retractable stock and red dot. My eyes started welling up, my chin was gonna go – the other two guys looked at me and silently said ‘you aint having mine, bugger off’. I went to the line sniffing, and prepared the firearm on the line.

I slapped in the mag (ooh, that felt nice).

Gave the cocking handle the ‘MP5 slap’, (I had forgotten how satisfying that is).

The line is ready – safety off, and away we go….couldn’t miss, seriously could not miss and never missed a beat.
At one stage one the guys asked for a go – no bugger off, oh alright then – it stuck to my side all week – loved every hour with this great little gun.

To give a little break, and mix it up a bit we did some shooting form vehicles. Learning how to position safely, move safely, and shoot – without putting a hole in the Patrol.

Also we ‘had a play’ with the AI AX in .338 Lapua, and with a 19″in Saiga box fed practical shotgun.
Indeed we had a little CPT vs Team Red Flag comp with the Saiga and slug rounds.

I’m not one to gloat – but……oh yeah, we whipped ‘em. Thank god – let’s face it, we do actually do some shotgun shooting when not running around with Sec5 firearms.

We were also introduced to several exercises of ‘shooting under stress’.

It’s all very well when it’s quiet and calm, but can you do it under stress? This skill does translate into our competition shooting, which is stressful, so a great skill to learn and use.

Due to security reasons and the risk of being sniggered at, I can’t go into too much detail. Suffice to say there was some light bondage, a mask was involved and a little mild water boarding – but don’t worry we did not need to use our ‘safe word’ at any time.

We came away with many drills we can safely replicate at home, and keep developing our skills in competition shooting.

Great week away with CTP – we would recommend to all with a serious wish to develop shooting, and particularly practical disciplines.

We were too busy enjoying ourselves to take many photo’s, but check this out……