Czech Tactical Pursuits – here we come!

4 of us landed in BRNO each with £500 cash in hand, wide eyed and vulnerable Brits abroad…

Weather was ‘cracking flags’ it was so hot.

FMA did not get stopped by customs, no matter how much he asked…

Met at arrivals by Dave and Craig from Czech Tactical Pursuits, big smiles and handshakes all round.

Ex-fil to minibus – full of bottled water, and an FDE rucksack that looked as if it had more in it than sandwiches… and yes, it had Craig’s pants in there… don’t ask….

Really made to feel welcome straight away, and an entertaining drive to wherever the hell we went. Only thing that was missing was second gear… but it added to the mystique.

Ate with both Craig and David that night and sampled our first of many KOFOLA!

I can’t explain it, it would ruin it for you… but when you go, ask for it at the bar, and you will not be disappointed.

Dave and Craig tried to discuss our itinerary around the table to fine tune what elements we wanted to do.
We had obviously had far too much sugar as I am sure we just sat there grinning like monkeys and said ‘EVERYTHING!’

Picked up Day One – ‘Tacked to the Max’ – with mag belt kits and matching 5.11 everything. Well you do don’t you…

About an hour to the Czech Tactical Pursuit’s range through beautiful countryside.

Got to the range, which is the top of the mountain.

Think ‘Deliverance’ at altitude.

Czech Tactical Pursuits

Safety Drills

Safety drills – no messing – this was the theme of the whole holiday – if you ain’t safe you ain’t doing it.
One slip, you get the ‘f**wit’ speech, twice Craig gives you ‘maximus pointy finger’, three times, Dave quietly says ‘hmmmm’… and you run.

Seriously – it’s step by step and builds as your capabilities grow and very well structured and safe.

This culminates in a ‘Competence Qualification’ for both Pistols and Carbines… or as Craig called it, the ‘fu**wit test’. We passed, but thinking about it, I’m not sure if that means we are, or we’re not… hhmmmm.

CZ’s, Sigs, Taurus, Glocks – pistols galore.

Full explanations of each, and got to try everything.
Holsters, knee pads – all laid on, and oh boy – you need them.
Belt kits we brought with us were ideal – so recommend these.

Uzi, MP5, M4 carbine, AK clone’s – again, full explanation of each.

Relevant scenarios for each firearm, and each element was a stepping stone up, culminating in a competition at the end of the three days – luckily we are not competitive!

Three days of the most excellent tutelage and maximum exposure to all firearms in a structured and relevant programme of improvement.

Czech Tactical Pursuits Entertainment

Evenings of beers, shots, strippers and clubs…

ABSOLUTLEY KNACKERED – one night we REALY LET RIP, and had two beers each!

Feet were in tatters after 8 hours a day.
Nothing funnier than a grown man with no shoes dragging his sorry arse through the restaurant, ordering fizzy pop and eating a meal. Great memories.

Stripped a few Glocks and MP’s, now THAT is room service! Don’t ask.

Shot a belt fed squad support gun and ‘some of us’ might have aerated the lawn a little… (F#ckin’ Marper Again) but what do you expect when you are shooting and smiling at the same time whilst screaming ‘Wooo Hooo’.

All in all we learnt some good, safe, relevant foundation skills.

Can’t wait to get back to Czech Tactical Pursuits and build upon these skills. Roll on 2017!

Be sure to catch David and Craig at the British Shooting Show each year, and visit their website at Czech Tactical Pursuits for more information.

Czech Tactical Pursuits