Team Red Flag’s trip to the British Shooting Show 2017

Another great year at the 2017 British Shooting Show.

We really tried to be more organised this year, carefully considering in advance who we were seeing and then plotting on the exhibitors map the most efficient route. All started well, but then we saw ‘Shiny Things!’.

Plan obviously went to pot then, but we met with pretty much everyone, and saw, touched, ogled and stroked many new toys during the day.

Highlights of the Show this year:

Great to meet up with David and Craig from Czech Tactical Pursuits. Most of you will know we visited them in September 2016 and had a ball. Plans are already set to go again this year, and it was good to see the guys and talk over how we can expand on what we learnt last year, shoot some new firearms they’ve got in, test our weapon manipulation skills under a little more stress (which is great for training for comps), and even enjoy a BBQ on range this year.

Their stand was very busy again this year and it took us 3 attempts to try and catch them not surrounded by eager visitors.



Lever Release from Southern Gun Company, Trigger Release VZ58 MARS from Caledonian Classic Arms… both excellent quality products and changing the face of Practical Rifle. Any one of us would have parted with cash for one of these if we’d won the lottery that week.

New Schmiesser straight pull AR platform on show with the guys from The Tunnel. Looks a robust and quality offering.


Latest toys on the PSG front… the expanse of AR & AK platforms is really exciting. For a long time now we have seen Bora, VEPR and Saiga, but now we are seeing an influx of new variations from Armsan via Highland Outdoors, the awesome looking Typhoon F12 via Cheshire Gun Room and the recently released UTAS 12 from North West Custom Parts.

Prices ranging from as low as ~£600 to £1000 depending upon model and make.

The influx of these improved quality box mag fed shotguns is very exciting, and is going to certainly change the face of competitive PSG shooting. We are hopeful we will be able to work with a few of the importers of these new guns to contribute in testing… watch this space.


K22 LBP from Caledonian Classic Arms.

Proven robust pistol & mag design derived from 9×19 CF pistol, manufactured by Grand Power in Slovakia. Pistols are competition proven and built to exacting standards with good selections of variants and accessories… great piece of kit.

Also offering the Scorpion…technically a rifle, but I’d be damned if I could get it in my shoulder…..good piece of fun shooting and interesting to see how they keep developing this into something really fun for the range – a particular favourite of FMA.


As always a great selection of gear on the TacTree stand – all of the Team wear or use something from 5.11, and always outstanding quality. My only complaint is I can’t walk past the stand without leaping for the wallet!

FMA buckled first, and ‘had to buy’ some Mechanix Gloves in preparation for the arctic conditions at the Ironman Competition at Rossendale in March. Be sure to check them out either online or at their store.

Stay tuned for some very exciting gun reviews in the near future, plus videos and talks with manufacturers and suppliers.