Eddie ‘Senior’ Putwain has another of his articles from Shooting Sports Magazine picked up by GunMart and featured on their website. This time, Senior explores 2 of the most popular revolvers in the sport, which the team regularly shoot with.

Long Barrel Revolvers

LBRs are available in rimfire and fullbore calibres; however, I’m discussing the latter. These are typically available in 38 Special/357 Magnum and 44 Special/Magnum. The Specials use an identical but shorter case to the Magnum. To be honest, 38 Special is the best bet, as it’s more controllable and potentially accurate and will do the job required.

The two most common makes are the Brazilian Taurus M66 and the ALFA Pro from the Czech Republic. Both have been built to conform to the UK’s 12/24” (Large Firearm) law with a 12” barrel and fixed grip extension (brace) to make the minimum 24” required length! The first obvious difference when you pick up a fullbore LBR is it’s considerably heavier than it’s LBP (Long Barrelled Pistol) cousin, which is only available in 22 Long Rifle!….

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