Shooting Sports February 2018

Check out our next instalment in February edition of Sporting Shooter.

This month we expand further on the firearms used by Team Red Flag.

Particularly we explore the range of MSR’s, (modern sporting rifles) used by each Red Flagger, and also suggest a few other quality options out there.

Particular attention should be paid to FMA with his beautifully shot photo with a cameo pink S&W 15/22. He will deny it’s his own, but few will listen!!


Shooting Sports Feb 2018

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Eddie Putwain: 40 something adolescent with an unhealthy interest, verging upon obsession, in competitive, fun, but safe, shooting. Qualified Range Officer, coz I’m just that anal – (pass me the clipboard……) Avid amateur pest controller, busting bunnies, punching pigeons and crushing crows.

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