Eddie “Senior” Putwain’s article, “Get Involved” features in the July edition of the best selling UK Shooting Sports Magazine

Eddie has been contributing articles over the course of 2017, and they have received a great response. Targeting the new shooter, Senior covers reasons why you should put the rifle down and try out Practical Pistol. If you want a challenge, fun and to test your skills, pistol is the way to go.

Senior’s series of articles will run for several months, talking all about the exciting sport of Practical Shooting, covering pistols, rifles, shotguns and the associated gear.

As always, our thanks to Pete Moore, editor of Shooting Sports magazine for including this piece and letting Senior share his passion for the sport with newcomers and old timers alike.

Thanks to our sponsors, including Field and Falcon who keep us topped up with ammo, and of course our Club, North Mercia Pistol & Rifle Club, that is becoming increasing popular for new shooters since Shooting Sports Magazine started covering our activities.”

Be sure to grab your copy – out now, and why not subscribe to the magazine so as not to miss any of the future articles.

Check out the article – Shooting Sports July 2017