Let’s get the excuses in first.

It was out first UKPSA competition, and our first outing as Team Red Flag.

We competed as a three man team, but if we had had our fourth member at the beginning we would have had some silverware… (so its Breacher’s fault).

We only entered one team.

We didn’t have a bloody clue what we were doing.

Saying that – we came 4th out of the UK competing teams in this particular league.

Two of us came TOP 10 as individuals, myself and FMA*.
So all in all – not bad…..but you should have heard the swearing…..you get a shiny cup for top three places…. we were so near and yet so far……

Only made us more determined for 2017!

What did it teach us?

Just drifting into the club and leaning against the mantel then deciding what to do…

Tried that, fun, chilled and relaxed, but, no – you can’t be doing that and improve.

Four stages per comp in a year, sounds like you would cruise it, but with practise also – you have to be disciplined to meet the deadlines.

Identify the weaknesses and areas to improve.

Design, borrow & steal an exercise to address this and set up a course.

Agree it at least a week in advance and, as soon as the tea has gone done, RANGE IS HOT – get those rounds down.

Best critique is from the Team Red Flag members, and we don’t take it personally, it’s all about improving… yeah, right.

We quickly realised that not all of us can meet the high levels in every discipline, so it’s about accepting this and competing to your best strengths, and ‘stepping aside’ at times for others who can bring up the average.

We each bring different skills, so it balances out in the end.

Sad as it sounds – all good fun, but get organised……

First experience dealing with UKPSA, who I must say were very helpful throughout the year. Why not use some of the stages for practise. You can download the course of fire from the UKPSA HERE

Top three 2017, or ‘sh##s gonna get real…’

‘Winning’s not everything… IT IS EVERYTHING!’

*Editor’s note: FMA came 9th… Senior came 10th!!