Team Red Flag competed in UKPSA 100 Winter Postal League Competition.

Specifically we entered Mini Rifle Open, Pistol Rimfire Standard and Shotgun Birdshot Standard, both as a Team and Individuals.

Team Results were:

1st in Pistol Rimfire Standard
3rd in Mini Rifle Open
3rd in Standard Shotgun 100 Birdshot
3rd in Combined Shotgun 100 Birdshot

UKPSA Winter 100 2016/2017
UKPSA spokesman writes:

“There were some good team scores in the UKPSA Winter Postal Leagues.
There were 9 team entries in the Mini Rifle Open… kids on the block, Team Red Flag from North Mercia were third. Team Red Flag also won LBP Standard.”

“Worcester Norton placed first in LBP Open and Team Red Flag won LBP Standard”

Our first outing for 2017 and we are delighted to report that we were placed in all the competitions we entered.

We took a Team Bronze in Standard Shotgun 100 Birdshot, our first competition in this discipline.
We took a Team Bronze in Combined Shotgun 100 Birdshot, our first competition in this discipline.
We took a Team Bronze in Mini Rifle Open, building upon our fourth place position last year.
We took a Team Gold in Pistol Rimfire Standard, again, our first outing in this discipline as a team.
Overall, in Long Barrelled Firearms Combined we took fourth place.

Plus FMA and Senior took a Silver and Bronze respectively as individuals in Pistol Rimfire Standard.

Raptor took 11th place across the entire field of competitors in Shotgun Standard, an incredible achievement.

In Mini Rifle, Senior took 5th place, and Breacher 14th, Raptor 16th and FMA 20th place out of 73 competitors.

A Fantastic Result

Our thanks to our sponsors Pastimes | Guns & Tackle, Field and Falcon and Czech Tactical Pursuits CTP.

Without their support we could not achieve these results.

Special ‘shout out’ to Field and Falcon for the supply of shotgun ammunition, and also to Dave and Craig from CTP… all those pistol drills are starting to pay off!