Team Red Flag Secure 2nd Place in UKPSA Postal Slug Competition

This year, Team Red Flag decided to shoot in a new category in the UKPSA’s Postal Competitions for 2017. Having had success last year in both Mini-Rifle and Standard Shotgun(Birdshot), we decided to add in Manual Shotgun with Slug.

A very different challenge from anything we had tried before, and the skillset was surprisingly different from what we had been used to. Whilst re-loading speed was still high on the list, some of us suddenly had a bit of a wake up call to remember accuracy also counts!!

Congratulations to Senior, who placed top out of the 4 team members, and the combined results secured us a 2nd place in the Team listings.

We now eagerly await the Shotgun Birdshot results, and of course, the hotly contested Mini Rifle Open.

Stay tuned.

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