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Team Red Flag Practical Shooting UK

It’s all a bit of fun… Till you hear the BEEP!

Team Red Flag was conceived in 2016 by a small group of like-minded experienced shooters from North Mercia Pistol & Rifle Club, with a passion to develop skills dedicated towards safe Practical Shooting.

The competitors of Team Red Flag are members of UKPSA which allows us to shoot, practise and compete in formally recognised competitions. We specialise in training and competing in more ‘practical’ disciplines with a wide range of firearms including .22 Semi-Automatic Rifle, Long Barrel Pistol and Revolver, Section 1 Shotguns and Underlevers.

In 2017 we competed in the UKPSA National Postal Competitions, determined to improve upon the previous year. We are delighted to report we picked up a SILVER in MiniRifle OPEN out of 126 shooters, 18 teams nationwide. We also competed for the first time in SLUG Target Shotgun and picked up another SILVER.

Before that, the Team had competed in 2016/17 in the UKPSA 100 Winter League. This resulted in success with an improved 3rd place in Mini-Rifle Open from 4th in 2016, as well as a 3rd place in Birdshot Shotgun. We also achieved a 1st place Team finish in Long Barrelled Pistol Standard. Read the full story here.

Previously in 2016, Team Red Flag competed for the first time in the UKPSA Mini-Rifle Open League and came 4th in the country out of 14 other clubs from around the UK. Indeed, two Team Red Flag members were placed within the top 10 of total shooters who competed in this category out of a field of > 80 shooters nationally.

See the Team Results and Individual Results.

In 2018, Team Red Flag competed again in UKPSA Summer League – this year sporting the GSG FireFly for LBP Standard Division.
Delighted to confirm the Team secured Gold, along with Ed ‘Senior’ securing a 1st Place as an individual.

As part of our training and development we will be practising previous UKPSA courses of fire, and also combining with our own interpretations, including 2-3 and even 4 gun mixed competitions and practise sessions.

These will include disciplines utilising Practical Shotgun, Target Shotgun, Mini-Rifle, LBP/R and UL rifle.

What is Practical Shooting?


Field and Falcon Located on the North Wales/Cheshire Border, Field and Falcon offers an extensive range of products and services for all shooters.
This includes an extensive range of shotguns, field guns, full bore and rimfire target rifles and airguns.
Field and Falcon carry an extensive selection of ammunition, cleaning and maintenance equipment, quality field knives and other shooter and outdoor equipment. Also offering a wide range of country clothing and accessories, including Harkila and Le Chameau.
Experienced in-house gunsmith, to service and repair firearms.

Enjoy the relaxed informal environment, welcoming for novice and experienced shooters alike. Ask for Sarah, and please tell her that Team Red Flag sent you. Located at Lodge Farm, Commonwood, Wrexham LL13 9TE.

– Web: Field & Falcon | Email: FieldAndFalcon@Gmail.com | Tel: 01829 271431

Pastimes Established since 1996, Pets & Pastimes Ltd is a large retail shop with a dedicated Fishing, Hunting, Shooting & Outdoor Clothing outlet in one half of the store and specialist Exotic Reptiles, Pet Accessories & Animal Feeds in the other. You can find them in the picturesque village of Butt Lane near the border of Cheshire and Staffordshire or browse our online store to buy online. Watch the video HERE

Located at 162-166 Congleton Rd, Butt Lane, Stoke-On-Trent ST7 1LT
Web: Pastimes: Guns & Tackle
Email: Andrew@PetsAndPastimesLtd.com
Tel: 01782 777 423

Czech Tactical Pursuits Czech Tactical Pursuits offers formal and informal shooting at our range facility based in the Czech republic. A comprehensive selection of Section 5 semi-automatic firearms are available to use and try.

Our instructors are ex-police and military with years of relevant experience to share. We will ensure that you have a safe, informative and enjoyable experience.

Catering for individuals, groups and corporate clients, CTP offers a range of tailor-made experiences ranging from the novice, to the more advanced shooter, up to ‘operator’ level. This includes formal courses ranging from foundation ‘weapons handling’, advanced pistol and carbine training, all the way up to certification for UK Maritime Armed Security.

Catch them at the British Shooting Show each year.

– Web: Czech Tactical Pursuits

Team Red Flag are proud to be affiliated with the UKPSA, supporting Practical Shooting across the whole of the UK.

UKPSA Sometimes described as IPSC shooting, (International Practical Shooting Confederation). this is the governing body for Practical Shooting, and applied in UK under UKPSA, (United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association).

UKPSA shooting is dynamic, challenging, and one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the world today. Without the support of these organisations, we would not have such an enjoyable sport and pastime available to men and women of all ages. Be sure to sign up to the UKPSA and help keep Practical Shooting alive.
– Web: UKPSA

“Please be sure to mention Team Red Flag sent you!!!”


North Mercia Pistol & Rifle Club. A long time affiliate of the NRA, NMPRC makes the perfect venue in the North West for the team to practise and develop the variety of skills needed to excel in Practical Shooting. The Club’s 25 yd range dates from WWII and is an ideal venue for a wide range of shooting activities. Range facilities allow members to use small bore rifle, gallery rifle, air rifle, full bore rifle, shotgun, revolver, pistol and even muzzle loading pistol and musket.

The Club is home to competitors, collectors and occasional users of antique historic and obsolete rifles. The Range is available to members during the week and weekend by appointment, with the 1st Sunday in each month usually designated a Guest Day so that non-members, who do not have a FAC, may legally shoot. Visit their website HERE.

North Mercia Pistol & Rifle Club
Team Red Flag Steel Knock Downs
Team Red Flag Practical Shooting - The Trucks
Pistol Shooting with Team Red Flag
North Mercia Pistol & Rifle Club
UKPSA Spec Steel Targets

“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”



Ed Putwain | Senior
Ed Putwain | SeniorRCO & Team Captain
40 something adolescent with an unhealthy interest, verging upon obsession, in competitive, fun, but safe, shooting.

Qualified Range Officer, coz I’m just that anal – (pass me the clipboard……)

Avid amateur pest controller, busting bunnies, punching pigeons and crushing crows.

Ex-clay shooter, but the gun was crap and the clays were faulty, so I gave up… or I was crap… but I have solved this! S1 9+1 shotgun… I’ll get that pesky clay…

Winner of Welsh Shooting Championships (ClassB) 2013, and of multiple in house club comps over the last 6-7 years.

Pros: Has a horse loving wife, so her hobby is actually more expensive than my own.

Cons: Competitive streak means it’s a forced grin if FMA beats me!

Bottom line: Can be a bit of an old woman, but means well…

Tools of choice:
Mossberg JM Pro 930 – Race tuned by Andy Haines of Master Class Custom Guns
Spikes Tactical .22 – Built for Competition by Wayne of NW Custom Parts
Taurus LBR .357 Revolver – Supplied by the lovely Sarah from Field and Falcon
GSG 1911 LBP .22 Pistol – Supplied by Ammo Dave of West Coast Sports

Chris Marper | FMA
Chris Marper | FMAQuartermaster
Quite why I earned the nickname FMA, which actually stands for F#cking Marper Again, I don’t know. Apparently, when I post on our Facebook Page about the impending Zombie Apocalypse, buying an island to build our own shooting range, or just suggest that we invest in a machete in case we should get stuck in a jungle somewhere – the phrase “FMA” goes through my colleagues mind…

As a keen gym goer, I always wanted to find a shooting activity that not only tested your shooting skills, but pushed your fitness, ability to perform under pressure and mental awareness. Whilst I enjoyed gallery and prone shooting, Practical Shooting was where my real passion lay. I enjoy pushing my fellow team mates to their physical limits with challenging courses of fire – secretly hoping my fitness will give me an edge….

I’ve won several in house club comps over the last 2 years and plan on adding some silverware for Practical Shooting in 2017.

Pros: Like the Team Captain, I have a dog loving wife who runs her own boarding and training, so her business keeps her away from my sport .

Cons: Competitive streak means it’s a forced grin if Senior beats me!
“Did he already say something similar?”

Bottom line: Wanna be Zombie Slayer saving the planet from the inevitable Apocalypse!

Tools of choice:
Mossberg JM Pro 930 – Race tuned by Andy Haines of Master Class Custom Guns
Typhoon F12 in FDE Camo – Supplied by Cheshire Gun Room Cheshire Gun Room
Mossberg 590 Pump Action Sec 1 – Supplied by York Guns
CMMG/Doublestar .22 AR-15 – Built by Roger at Rimfire Magic
Henry Mare’s Leg .44 Mag – Supplied by Ammo Dave of West Coast Sports
GSG 1911 LBP .22 Pistol – Supplied by Ammo Dave of West Coast Sports

Chris Chunsi | Breacher
Chris Chunsi | BreacherPayMaster
Basically a big old lump more likely to crash through stuff than go around.

After a 10 year stint in Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force, I developed a love for shooting, firstly keeping the local vermin under control and missing lots of clays, but now almost exclusively in practical.

As much as the shooting, I like the camaraderie it brings, and despite what others may say, the rest of the team aren’t such a bad bunch.

As a shooter I am yet to win any competitions…

Bottom Line: Bring on 2017!!!

Tools of choice:
Beretta 1301 Comp – Supplied by Shooting Supplies Ltd
& Race tuned by Andy Haines of Master Class Custom Guns
Smith&Wesson M&P 15-22
PRO-TSC 1911

Paul Allen | Raptor
Paul Allen | RaptorThe Mechanic
I think I was made the Team Mechanic due to the fact I can make, modify or fix anything metal, wood or engine related…

I started shooting when I was 16 years old on Clay pigeon and got hooked and so worked my way up to being A Class Clay Pigeon Shooter. When I was 18 years old I got my first pistols and entered competition Pistol right up to the Pistol ban (which upset me greatly). In fact, I gave up shooting for five years and then decided to go into Rifle shooting – so I started paper punching and ‘Bunnying’.

I have acquired Gold and Bronze Medals for Rifle shooting, but began to get bored with just paper punching and decided to look at other disciplines. This is where I found Mini Rifle and Practical Shotgun and ended up joining Team Red Flag, a group of like minded shooters… and now I shoot 3 Gun and am thoroughly loving it!!

Pros: My wife is also a keen shooter and has also won medals for rifle shooting..so everything in our household is shooting related.

Cons: Now it costs me a fortune – Oh well it could be worse, she could be into Designer Handbags and shoes.

Tools of Choice:
Mossberg JM Pro 930 – Race tuned by Andy Haines of Master Class Custom Guns
Bora Semi Auto Shotgun
Taurus LBR .357 Revolver
GSG 1911 LBP .22 Pistol
Bottom Line: …and the Go to Marlin (when the shit hits the fan I am going for the Marlin and the Shotgun !)




It’s the bragging rights that come with winning.